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Phoenix AZ Fantasy Football Draft Party Topless Bartenders & Servers (602)714-3593

Fantasy Football Drafts – Call Phoenix Party Strippers (602)714-3593
Having a fantasy football draft party? Why not get some hot topless waitresses to put your picks on the board.
We will come in and really heat the place up.
Phoenix Party Strippers is bringing the fantasy to your football, now that’s Fantasy Football!

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The football season is right around the corner and for most of us it doesn’t just mean the start of the National Football League season, it rings in the start of Fantasy Football leagues and Fantasy Draft Day…the most important day of the Fantasy Football season. There is only one place that will give you the ultimate party for Fantasy Draft Day, Phoenix Party Strippers.
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  1. Phoenix Party Strippers bringing you the best fantasy football party in town. or call (602)714-3593

    From tame to raunchy and anything in between, we can customize your fantasy football party to suit your needs. If you are racking your brain for great fantasy football party ideas, this is the one!

    Our standard fantasy football parties run for 2.5-3 hours.

    The fantasy football party can include:
    Topless waitresses

    Our topless girls are trained to keep your game flowing and entertain all the boys for your fantasy football night. Our topless waitress' are sexy, fun and always cheeky. They will keep your drinks topped up while you sit down at the fantasy football table and go all in.

    Fantasy football is an easy game to pick up, especially when the person teaching you is a topless girl! Sometimes you get distracted, but remember; you are just there to have a bit of fun with your friends.

    If you are hosting your fantasy football party at a house, hotel or any other venue we can bring the girls you. We have a number of fantasy football party venues in Phoenix for your fantasy football activities, tell us what you want to do and we can suggest the best option. Contact us for a quote today

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  3. Fantasy Football Drafts – Phoenix Party Strippers (602)714-3593

    Having a fantasy football draft? Why not get some hot topless bartenders to put your picks on the board. During your break, why not have Lap Dances and really heat the place up. Check out all of our hot strippers at and call us at 602-714-3593 to book.

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  4. Fantasy Football Strippers in Phoenix (602)714-3593

    At Phoenix Party Strippers we have every girl for every fantasy. Even your football fantasy! With our wide range and variety we have a girl for every occasion. These girls are the best entertainers in Phoenix. They know what they are doing and know how to have fun!
    They range in ethnicity and some can even accommodate to those that speak varied languages! When you come to Phoenix to watch the super bowl don’t hesitate to call one of these beautiful ladies that can give you way more entertainment then the football game. When the games over and you are with your boys wanting to explore the city or find some more fun, look no further than Phoenix Party Strippers.
    You can fulfill your fantasies with one of our beautiful ladies. They are able to wear your favorite team’s jersey and show pride to your favorite team. It doesn’t get any better than that! They are perfect for your party!
    Don’t forget about the ladies that enjoy football too! I know you ladies are out there and enjoy the company of sexy women as well. Our girls are lady friendly! There is entertainment for everyone! They are very professional and friendly. There is no awkwardness and everyone has an amazing time! When we imagine Phoenix in our mind it’s a crazy scene and there is so much going on in this city, it can be hard to find what you are looking for.
    That’s where Phoenix Party Strippers comes in; you will find everything that you desire. Our girls are exotic in nature and beauties to look at. Don’t be fooled though, they know how to party and have a good time. They spice up any night and any occasion.
    They love entertaining after show football parties! The best part they are just a phone call !
    . I know you’re ready to experience Phoenix so Phoenix Party Strippers and don’t let the opportunity slip by! Any occasion! Any time!

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